Real audits, not rubber stamps.

Our audits produce protocol-breaking exploits, not just pretty reports. See how we conquer complexity, and find the bugs that others miss.

We Keep Winners Winning.

Audits that Find Bugs

Let the numbers do the talking. Here's how we did in 2022:

55% of Audits

Identified high impact findings. That's 51 out of 93 audits! Over half of customers had serious, latent security issues.

42 Critical Finds

Our audits prevented 42 critical, protocol-breaking vulnerabilities from shipping. That's 42 hacks stopped.

126 High Findings

Finding serious issues is our "normal". What's lurking in your codebase?

Ante Finance

“Zellic is an incredible and fast moving auditing team - on top of extremely timely, technical, and precise responses when asked, they also have found extremely unique and detailed obscure bugs down to the level of the Solidity quirks. The team’s diverse and deep security and hacking experience shows through in conversations, brainstorming, and technical discussions.”


"We've worked with a lot of auditors in the past, and Zellic is one of the best. They deep dive into our contracts, tear everything apart and give us the security we need to secure billions of dollars at Sushi. They're quick, responsive, and very precise while maintaining the highest quality and standards."


“Zellic has been the best auditing firm I've ever worked with.”
“I don't even bother looking at ImmuneFi bounties if they have a Zellic Audit PDF linked.”


“It's been really good actually. I liked the dialogue and general engagement which is much better than some other places. It makes it feel like we're working with our own guys as opposed to a third party.”


What makes us different?
Talent you won't find anywhere else.

Hackers exploit things. Including crypto.

Zellic is led by Stephen Tong and Jasraj Bedi, who previously founded the #1 CTF team worldwide in 2020 and 2021.

Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions attract the world's best security researchers and white hat hackers to solve the most complex problems in AppSec, cryptography, and web and mobile exploitation.

Our security engineers are leaders of traditional infosec. We have developed vulnerabilities and claimed bounties for highly-targeted organisations including Meta, Google, Apple, and the U.S Department of Defense.

Zellic's mission is to bring real security expertise to Web3, to uncover vulnerabilities that others miss. We're not just an audit shop. We kill software bugs, period.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Tong
Stephen Tong
Jasraj Bedi
Jasraj Bedi
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Don't get left on Read.

We talk to your team every day. After all, it's impossible to find bugs without fully understanding the project. We work with you to learn how your project works. It's personalized, and hands-on. We don't just run automated tools - our engineers think deeply about exactly what could go wrong. This vulnerability research mindset is how we have the best track record in the industry.


  • Unparalleled security talent
  • Find deep bugs
  • Continual status updates

Other Audit Firms

  • Reliant on automated tools
  • Surface-level assessments
  • Lack transparency

Secure your future with Zellic.

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