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Zellic specializes in securing emerging technologies. Developers, founders, and investors trust our security assessments to ship quickly, confidently, and without critical vulnerabilities. With our background in real-world offensive security research, we find what others miss.

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Let the numbers do the talking. Here's how we did in 2023:

It’s been really good actually. I liked the dialogue and general engagement which is much better than some other places. It makes it feel like we’re working with our own guys as opposed to a third party.


We worked with Zellic on a security review of our ZK circuits and associated smart contracts. They were extremely thoughtful in searching for areas where our circuits might be underconstrained. The end report was quite thorough, especially in explaining which areas they probed, which gave us much more confidence in our circuit security. We would enthusiastically work with Zellic in the future.

Yi Sun, Co-Founder of Axiom

The Zellic team was a joy to work with. Their auditors moved fast, were able to quickly dive into the details of a large and complex codebase, and it was clear they had a real focus on real security over security theater. I would highly recommend any developer in this space put them on speed dial.

Ambient Finance

Zellic has been a great partner in securing the Sui ecosystem. They have found important bugs in both Sui protocol code and in Sui applications. My favorite thing about the folks at Zellic is their curiosity — you can tell they are seeking to deeply understand the systems and code they study, not just pattern match.

Sam Blackshear, CTO at Mysten Labs

We have collaborated with Zellic on both the zkEVM circuit and smart contract auditing. Zellic team is truly outstanding in their technical prowess and professionalism. We are extremely impressed that they managed to find subtle bugs among the intricate constraints in the zk circuits. Our auditing experience with Zellic was both insightful and enjoyable.

Haichen Shen, Co-Founder of Scroll

Zellic generously prepared two pro-bono audits for our onchain funding mechanism, revealing a critical vulnerability and delivering a comprehensive gas usage report which we used to improve our architecture. The Zellic team were responsive and flexible to our needs - we would certainly recommend their services to others.

Trenton Van Epps, Protocol Guild

Zellic is an incredible and fast moving auditing team — on top of extremely timely, technical, and precise responses when asked, they also have found extremely unique and detailed obscure bugs down to the level of the Solidity quirks. The team’s diverse and deep security and hacking experience shows through in conversations, brainstorming, and technical discussions.


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