Find the bugs that matter – first

The second you don't, you lose. Zellic identifies complex vulnerabilities that threaten the future of your blockchain project.

Trusted by $3B+ of TVL (and growing)

Empower Your Engineers

Don't ship with vulnerabilities. Give your developers the peace of mind they need to deliver securely.

Coding Mistakes

Identify deadly mistakes like reentrancy, improper input validation, uninitialized data, and more.

Design Flaws

Uncover critical vulnerabilities in core business logic. The code may match the spec, but is that what you really want?

Economic Flaws

Unmask economic flaws, including price manipulation (flash loan) hazards, MEV, front-running, and more.

Ante Finance

“Zellic is an incredible and fast moving auditing team - on top of extremely timely, technical, and precise responses when asked, they also have found extremely unique and detailed obscure bugs down to the level of the Solidity quirks. The team’s diverse and deep security and hacking experience shows through in conversations, brainstorming, and technical discussions.”


"We've worked with a lot of auditors in the past, and Zellic is one of the best. They deep dive into our contracts, tear everything apart and give us the security we need to secure billions of dollars at Sushi. They're quick, responsive, and very precise while maintaining the highest quality and standards."


Blockchain security sucks.
Let’s change that.

Real assurance, not snake oil

Zellic was founded by world-renowned hackers and researchers—leaders of traditional infosec. We were inspired by the glaring and embarrassing deficiencies in Web3 security. Our mission is to bring real security expertise to Web3, to uncover vulnerabilities that others miss.

We believe that Web3 adoption is impossible without true security, trust, and transparency. Our bet on the Web3 future is one with users’ security at the forefront. No one wants to invest in something that will collapse.

The #1 ranked CTF team worldwide

Before Zellic, Stephen & Jazzy founded a competitive hacking team named Perfect Blue. Perfect Blue was the #1 team worldwide in 2020 & 2021. They have competed internationally in competitions including DEF CON CTF and Google CTF.

We’ve hacked everything, not just crypto

Our team has exploited vulnerabilities in Chrome, iOS, and Android. We’ve reported vulnerabilities to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, CapitalOne, and many more.

Meet our team

Stephen Tong
Stephen Tong
Jasraj Bedi
Jasraj Bedi
Corben Leo
Corben Leo
Chief Marketing Officer
Daehee Park
Daehee Park
Chief Operating Officer
Vlad Toie
Vlad Toie
Security Engineer
Aaron Esau
Aaron Esau
Security Engineer
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Why projects like yours choose Zellic

It’s impossible to find bugs without fully understanding a project. We work with your team to actually learn how your project works. It’s personalized, and hands-on. We don’t just run automated tools—our engineers think deeply about exactly what could go wrong. This vulnerability research mindset is how we have the best track record in the industry.


  • Miss fewer bugs
  • Hands-on experience
  • Unparalleled security talent

Other Audit Firms

  • Surface-level assessments
  • Reliant on automated tools
  • Lack transparency

Secure your future with Zellic.

Join the top protocols relying on Zellic to protect $3B+. Give your users the security they deserve.