Security for teams building tomorrow’s tech platforms.

Our background in traditional infosec and competitive hacking has enabled us to consistently discover hidden vulnerabilities and develop novel security research. It’s earned us the reputation as the go-to security firm for teams whose rate of innovation outpaces the existing security landscape. We identify complex vulnerabilities that threaten the future of your software.

Our clients

Among others, LayerZero, Jump, and the Solana Foundation rely on Zellic’s expertise. From crypto titans to small startups, our clients are pioneers of the tech sector. The world trusts our clients to build the future. Our clients trust us to secure that vision.

Selected assessment reports and publications

Case studies

Secure your future with Zellic.

Top organizations rely on Zellic to protect their systems. Give your users the security they deserve.

Identify unique forks with Forky.

Forky identifies important differences between a fork of a known protocol and its parent — in plain English.