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We’re committed to research and open source. From tutorials and explainers to hack breakdowns, news, and more, read the latest research from our team.

Latest research

Sylvain Pelissier
The security and pitfalls of fully homomorphic encryption
Zellic is proud to announce SOLP, a library for analyzing and transforming Solidity source code
Avi Weinstock
An overview of Groq's (surprisingly easy to read) whitepapers
Zellic Security Advisory
A look into Signal's use of Ristretto hashes and zero-knowledge proofs for usernames
The Zellic Team
DARPA awarded Zellic $1M in the AI Cyber Challenge's Small Business Track
Cayden Liao
A primer on MPC wallets and their security features and pitfalls
How does Zcash work? Understanding Zerocash and Zcash
Malte Leip
A look into the three puzzles solved by the Zellic cryptography team for ZK Hack IV
Stephen Tong
Building an implementation of garbled circuits from the ground up
A look into the ZK audit process and techniques the leading ZK auditors employ to examine ZK circuits
Malte Leip
An introduction to what pairings are and how they are motivated, with a particular focus on elliptic curve pairings.