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Stephen Tong

Latest research

Malte Leip
A look into the three puzzles solved by the Zellic cryptography team for ZK Hack IV
Stephen Tong
Building an implementation of garbled circuits from the ground up
A look into the ZK audit process and techniques the leading ZK auditors employ to examine ZK circuits
Malte Leip
An introduction to what pairings are and how they are motivated, with a particular focus on elliptic curve pairings.
A look into how Zellic helped fix a critical vulnerability in Astar
The blog post was written by a security researcher and auditor here at Zellic, Faith.
An in-depth guide to secure random number generation
Vlad Toie
A helpful guide for users and builders
Ayaz Mammadov
How Zellic found a critical security vulnerability affecting all three million dollars worth of staked Premia Finance tokens
Cayden Liao
An intro to Zero-Knowledge and applications of zero-knowledge including ZK payments, ZK hardware acceleration, and zkVMs
Nipun Gupta
A review of the attack landscape on DeFi borrowing protocols
William Bowling
A brief look at Cairo 1.0, Starknet, and the security considerations